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Awards & Recognition

Sister Marie Claire Goudey, CSJ Honored at Newton Wellesley Hospital

Sister Marie Claire Goudey, CSJ was honored with the CARE Award at the Partners in Excellence Award Ceremony at Newton Wellesley Hospital for her Quality Treatment and Service.

"Marie has worked in the Emergency Department and over the years has provided support and comfort to countless families and staff in times of emotional distress. Her comforting presence was invaluable recently when we had a 96 year old lady die suddenly in the Ed. Her daughter who was at the hospital alone was completely distraught. She was also deaf. The combination of these factors made it very difficult for the daughter to communicate with her family. It also made her unable to express what her Mother's wishes would be with reference to her Orthodox Jewish faith. Sister sat with her, consoled and comforted her. She helped contact the family and friends. She was also able to help the nursing staff with what to expect in the post mortem care of an Orthodox Jewish patient until the Rabbi arrived."

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