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Roslindale Citizen of the Month, August 2012: Sister Nancy Braceland, CSJ

"Rooted in Boston, Open to the World." This motto of Casserly House in Roslindale could also be the personal motto of Sister Nancy Braceland, CSJ. Sister Nancy was born in Newton, the middle of eight children. She has been a Catholic School teacher, served in Latin America in numerous capacities, and helped immigrants to this country through Catholic Charities, before joining with her fellow sisters to start Casserly House in 2000. The house was founded to serve the needs of low income, primarily immigrant families in Roslindale. So much of her life's ministry has been to help people from around the world and this has been a great joy to Sister Nancy. "I like working globally," says Sister Nancy. 

Casserly House is busy day and night all year long. Whatever someone needs when they walk in the door will be assessed by the staff and volunteers, and someone will be found who can teach them. Adults and children come by to learn English, work on homework, or learn important skills for gaining employment in Boston. Casserly House receives referrals from other agencies to serve neighbors who cannot afford services elsewhere or when waiting lists are too long. Volunteers are central to their work, so Casserly House works with many colleges, high schools, churches and other groups where community service is valued and encouraged. Casserly House is funded through grants and the generous support of those who care. They are always happy to receive more donations to expand their work.  

Roslindale is truly a multicultural neighborhood. Casserly House celebrates this diversity while also helping people to find their own place in the melting pot of America. Thank you, Sister Nancy for bringing Casserly House to the neighborhood. Thank you for all you do for Roslindale! Congratulations Sister Nancy! For Sister Nancy's full bio or to nominate your favorite Roslindale Citizen, go to the RMVS website. Nominations also can be made at Roslindale House on Poplar St., the RVMS office, and Fornax Bakery. 

Source: Roslindale Village Main Street Newsletter 2012 

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