Our prayer is marked by expectation and openness to the transforming love of the Risen Christ.

Boston CSJ Constitution

Prayer in the Spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph

Portrait of a Daughter of St. Joseph

Eyes open to the world both miserable and sinful, 
but a world worked on by the Holy Spirit;
Eyes open and ears attentive to the sufferings of the world;
Eyes open, ears attentive and spirit alert.. . .
never settled down, always in a holy disquietude, searching. . .
in order to understand,
to divine what God and the dear neighbor
await from her today, now, for the body and for the soul;
Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert. . .sleeves rolled up for ministry,
without excluding the more humble, the less pleasing,
the less noticeable;
Finally, in her face the reflection of a virtue proper to our Congregation,
– continual joy of spirit..
This is the quiet inner glow of the Sister whose life
in the service of Jesus Christ has been successful.
– Marius Nepper, S.J.

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