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Volume 2.5 - February 22, 2017

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Taizé Prayer: A Way to Deepen My Prayer Relationship with God

June Cieri, CSJA

Our gathering on Saturday, February 11, was smaller than usual due to the weather, but the hearty group welcomed our presenters this day. Joan Duffy, CSJ, spoke with us about the discernment process for selection of new Associate Leadership and having a discerning heart.

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She spoke of desire, movements in us, limits, and saying no. The thought she left us with in our ongoing prayer is: "Discernment always involves choosing between two goods." We will celebrate our new Associate Leadership Team at our March 4 meeting. May we continue to pray for all who participated in this process.

The presentation for this meeting was about Taizé Prayer led by Mary Theresa O'Reilly, CSJ, and Pat Quinn, CSJ. Mary Theresa gave us a short history of Father Roger who, in 1940, started this type of prayer service in Taizé, France during World War II.

You come to this prayer service in silence. The four components to this meditation are music, readings, reflection and silence. The prayer service was a new experience for some associates, but most sisters and associates had participated in Taizé Prayer before.

It was wonderful to be together, in quiet reflection. I believe Taizé Prayer is a way to deepen my prayer relationship with the Lord.


Volunteers in Mission - June 24-July 1, 2017

Volunteers in Mission 2017, a time of sharing prayer, community, and service, is scheduled for the week of June 24-July 1, 2017. VIM week is an apt expression of Pope Francis’ words announcing the Year of Consecrated Life and challenging religious congregations to “Wake up the world!”

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During this week of service at St. Francis House, Casserly House, and The Women’s Lunch Place, participants dare to “Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, acting, living!” and broaden the circle of love poured out toward every kind of neighbor without distinction. We are grateful for the hospitality of the sisters at Fontbonne Convent that enables the group to share community life with the sisters there and with one another.

If this opportunity interests you or you know someone whom you would recommend, please contact Mary Theresa O’Reilly, CSJ, before March 19, 2017

Cluster Meetings for Sisters and Associates

At these meetings, our leadership team will share about their roles and responsibilities as well as their experience of these roles and responsibilities.

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      FEB. 27, MON., 10:30 -11:45AM — Fontbonne Convent Milton

      FEB. 27, MON., 6:30 -7:45PM — Motherhouse

      MARCH 1, WED., 1:00 - 2:15PM — St. Joseph Hall

      MARCH 1, WED., 2:30 - 3:30PM — Bethany Health Care Center



For any sister interested in serving on an ad hoc governance committee, there will be a meeting in the Motherhouse Administration Conference Room on March 2 at 6:30 p.m. This meeting is to assist the leadership team in preparing a governance recommendation for the Chapter of Affairs.

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