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Volume 1.2.3 - August 31, 2016

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A Celebration of Life

On June 22, 2016, Norwood Hospital/Cancer Center at Foxboro held a Celebration of Life in partnership with LIVESTRONG at the YMCA and in collaboration with the American Cancer Society. Hosted by the Hockomock Area YMCA in Foxboro, the celebration featured interactive exhibits, wellness demonstrations/tours and an inspirational speaker, Ann McNeil, CSJ, who talked about a journey of hope through cancer treatment and recovery.

Scenes of Summer 2016

The pictures on this page demonstrate what a busy summer it has been. Pictured clockwise: the Volunteers in Mission Week was shared in a slide show on our website. Close to 60 sisters, associates and ministry partners participated in our CSSJ Federation Event 2016. Look for more about this in the fall issue of “the MORE...” On July 23, 40+ sisters, associates, and ministry partners gathered with about 150 others to greet the Nuns on the Bus Tour at BC High School in Dorchester. This was well documented in the media, on Facebook, and elsewhere.

Contemplating the Maxims

By Kathleen Hagerty, CSJ

This past July, Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ, asked if I would share the Maxims with our Albuquerque CSJ Associates. The gracious hospitality of rose Agnes Urban, CSJ, Mickey Urban, CSJA, and Mary Cunning, CSJA, made my stay most enjoyable. Mary, and Marcella Campos, CSJ, took me to the Native American cultural Center and an area of Albuquerque where a statue of Marcella statues in gratitude for her work with the people in helping to transform a rundown area into a neighborhood with lovely homes.

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The retreat day, held at the Brothers of the Good Shepherd facility, provided the opportunity to grow in knowledge and pray with the Maxims. Following sessions on the purpose of the Maxims in the lives of our first sisters, the Associates embraced the importance of contemplating and praying with the Maxims in order that they might take root within. This necessitates letting go of the need to control, to figure out the words and their meaning. By comparing various versions of the Maxims, the Associates better understood their meaning.

Looking at Maxim 1, the call to be sisters and associates, as an invitation to be the unique man or woman we are was foundational whereas in Maxim 24, elaborating on this concept, called us to let go of the False Self in order to love, to be unselfish, and to be the Self we truly are. Other dimensions of our spirituality such as the Trinity and Scriptural verses prompted their interest. Maxim 27 underlined the invitation to contemplate Jesus so this his interior might become effective in us. To be simple, love others “cordially” and heal them by our presence was the call to us in Maxim 45.

A period of reflection followed each presentation after which the Associates shared the fruit of their prayer and raised questions about the Maxims. It was gift for this presenter to be with our New Mexican Associates and to experience their warmth and graciousness. They bring to us a simplicity and deep love of our congregation and she openly the wonderful gifts of Hispanic culture.

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