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Volume 1.2.2 - June 22, 2016

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Gratitude Abounds by Rosemary Brennan, CSJ

On behalf of all the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, I warmly welcome you to our Donor Appreciation Day celebration. We gather this morning during the Church’s liturgical season of ordinary time but this is no ordinary liturgical celebration. In a special way, we remember and give thanks for you, our faithful donors and generous benefactors. Today we sincerely say our gratitude abounds for each and every one who so generously supports us as we seek to continue to be about God’s work and service to the dear neighbor.

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The reflections that follow are the welcoming remarks of Rosemary Brennan, CSJ, at our Donor Appreciation Liturgy on June 12, 2016.

Several years ago Canadian writer, Mary Jo Leddy, published the book, Radical Gratitude, in which she extends the invitation to imagine gratitude as the most radical way of living life. “Gratitude,” she says, “arises in that space where our deepest longings find the glass of life to be half full rather than half empty. “Gratitude,” she goes on to say, “can liberate us in this culture but we must also consciously choose the practices that will liberate gratitude.”

As donors and benefactors, you continue to manifest to us how you live in that space where your deepest longings find the glass of life half full. By doing so you assist us as we, too, seek to live in that space. Together we are about sharing with others God’s invitation to find blessing and grace in everyday that we live.  

Welcome Summer!

The weekend of June 4-5 was a busy one for The Congregation Picnic and The Literacy Connection Celebration of Gratitude and Accomplishment. Pictures of the events shown here can be found online.

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The Congregation Picnic and The Literacy Connection Celebration of Gratitude and Accomplishment are at The Casserly House Annual Driveway Picnic can be found at


Associate Call: How Might We Respond? — by Carole Anne Scott, CSJA

On June 11, Associates from Boston, Brentwood, Springfield, and West Hartford gathered at Elms College, Chicopee, MA for a day of prayer, reflection, and friendship. Presenter, Julie Fertsch, SSJ/ Philadelphia shared her insights. Quoting Fr. Médaille, she opened with, “I love to Love and to let Love love through me!” That was particularly evident when she told of her grief at her friend’s death explaining, “We don’t do Holy Saturday well,” and added encouragingly, “We emerge from that place of loss changed and different, filled with the fullness of Resurrection...”

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Julie also brought a new dimension to the reading of the Maxims. She showed an excerpt from “The Lion King,” with its message to “Remember who you are” and from “Changing the Face of the Mountain,” with its encouragement to sow extravagantly without thought of reaping. Participants shared two traits of which they are proudest, and then imagined spending each day fully living out those words. After solving a “Hidden Picture,” Julie drew an analogy and pointed out that, “God is all over every picture, but sometimes we have to turn the picture around to see.” Thanks to that day, participants came away seeing even more clearly!

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