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Volume 1.1.9 - March 30, 2016

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Pondering Our Patron, Joseph

As we entered into the Feast of St. Joseph, Rosemary Brennan, CSJ, welcomed all who gathered.

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st jo 2016 rosemaryGood morning and welcome to today’s St. Joseph’s Day liturgy. It is wonderful that we have come here this morning, sisters and associates together, for this our feast day celebration.

The dictionary defines “feast day” as a day, especially a church holiday, for feasting and rejoicing. And that is what we are gathered here to do, to celebrate, rejoice and enjoy some simple feasting. 

However, it is also a day for us to again ponder in an intentional way our patron St. Joseph and what Joseph’s prophetic imagination continues to invite us to as Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and Associates

Though we know Joseph was, it appears, to be a man of few words, he was also someone who listened, assessed a situation and acted upon his best discerned wisdom. Whether it was to accept Mary as his wife, travel to Bethlehem to obey the law, believe the dream he received and flee to Egypt for the safety of his family, or then settle into the ordinariness of a carpenter’s life to provide for his family, Joseph seemed to do this with a sense of purpose, grace, and care.

As we, today, seek to know and live the prophetic imagination to which we are being called, may we do so with a listening heart that opens us to God’s intentions for us personally and as a community and may we live this, like Joseph, with a renewed sense of purpose and trust in God’s grace for the now and our future. 

St. Patrick’s Day Prayer and Celebration with the Sisters of Jesus Crucified

Amixture of profound prayer and festive celebration marked our St. Patrick’s Day gathering with the Sisters of Jesus Crucified [CJC] in Brockton. During the prayer, the Vietnamese sisters who live with the CJCs danced to “You Raise Me Up” as an expression of gratitude for the manner in which the CSJs continue to companion and covenant with the CJCs. They also presented each sister with a rose in thanksgiving. Both of these gestures were powerful and heartfelt. 

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After the prayer, we continued on to a St. Patrick’s celebration complete with a traditional Irish boiled dinner, live music, and dancing. At the conclusion of the evening, there was mutual gratitude and all could depart knowing that we raise each other up to more than we can be. 

Brighton Main Streets Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The CSJs hosted the Brighton Main Streets Easter Egg Hunt at the Motherhouse ... 16,000 Easter Eggs! Mayor Marty Walsh joined in the fun. A shout out to our wonderful St Joseph Prep students who helped, two of whom were Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny. This Egg Hunt was begun 50+ year ago by Gerry McCarthy and family who is still involved in the event. 2016 marks the second year it has taken place at our Motherhouse.

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