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Volume 1.1.6 - February 17, 2016

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Viewing and discussing the documentary, Harvest of Empire, was the focus of a gathering of more than 70 participants and hosted by the CSJ Immigration Committee on February 6, 2016. Participants included not only Boston CSJ sisters and associates but also sisters from several other congregations in the area as well as friends and colleagues.

After a welcome by Maureen Doherty, CSJ, and brief prayer by Carlotta Gilarde, CSJ, Maryann Enright, CSJ, introduced the film by asking participants to reflect together on what they already know about the reasons why people migrate to the United States. She also asked the group to consider some of the motivations today’s migrants might have that cause them to leave their country of birth and what draws them here to the United States? 

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Harvest of Empire is a feature-length documentary that reveals the direct connection between the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today. Based on the groundbreaking book by award-winning journalist, Juan

González, Harvest of Empire takes an unflinching look at the role that

U.S. economic and military interests played in triggering an unprecedented wave of migration that is transforming our nation’s cultural and economic landscape.1

The documentary has a three-fold premise:

  1. There is no one story in history because it is experienced by and can be presented through multiple perspectives.
  2. Latino immigration and families are the changing face of America and are redefining American culture and politics in the 21st century.
  3. Immigration can be an unintended consequence of international political and economic policy.

At the conclusion of the film, 55 of the attendees reconvened in the dining room for a collation arranged by Catherine Nevin, CSJ and a discussion led by Julia M. Fitzpatrick, CSJ. Central to the topics discussed was the need for understanding the difference between being an “immigrant” and a “refugee” and the implications these differences hold. Those present also expressed the overwhelming need to provide education and further discussion that will enable us to bridge the “wall of Ignorance” encountered when addressing U. S. immigration policy and debate.

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Peggy Sullivan, CSJ, Named Co-Chair of CSSJ U.S. Federation Leadership Council

We are pleased to share that Peggy Sullivan, CSJ, is now a co-chair of the CSSJ U.S. Federation Leadership Council. The CSSJ U.S. Federation is governed by the Leadership Assembly which is composed of the Leadership Teams of all the CSSJ Congregations. This group meets annually in November for direction setting and corporate responsibilities. The Leadership Council is the elected leadership team of the Federation. It has ten members plus the U.S. Federation Executive Director and the Treasurer. The Leadership Council meets several times a year to forward the purpose and direction of the Federation, plan the annual meeting, and carry on business. Co- chairs provide leadership and relate between meetings with the Executive Director. 

Volunteers in Mission

June 18-25, 2016

Volunteers in Mission 2016, a time of sharing prayer, community, and service, is scheduled for the week of June 18-25, 2016. VIM week is an apt expression of Pope Francis’ words announcing the Year of Consecrated Life and challenging religious congregations to “Wake up the world!” During this week of service at St. Francis House, Casserly House, and The Women’s Lunch Place, participants dare to “Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, acting, living!” and broaden the circle of love poured out toward every kind of neighbor without distinction.

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We are grateful for the hospitality of the sisters at Fontbonne Convent that enables the group to share community life with the sisters there and with one another.

If this opportunity interests you or you know someone whom you would recommend, please contact Mary Theresa O’Reilly, CSJ, before March 19, 2016 at marytheresa.o’

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