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Volume 1.1.3 - January 6, 2016

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Immigration Bills Questions & Answers with Representative Chris Walsh by Brenda Forry, CSJ

This past Fall we were asked to look at four bills which are presently before the legislature. Sisters and associates were asked to write to their state Senator and Representative if they wished.

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These letters urged state senators and representatives to support three bills which will have a major impact for all citizens in the Commonwealth especially the immigrant population of Massachusetts: The MA TRUST Act, The Safe Driving Bill, The Higher Education and Opportunity Bill and The Tuition Equity Bill. The letters explained that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston stand with the poor in the struggle for justice and that positive support for these bills will enhance quality of life for the immigrant population and, in turn, for all citizens of Massachusetts.

The Sisters at Saint Joseph Hall wrote to Representative Chris Walsh who, then, called to ask if he could meet with the sisters. Representative Walsh explained that he was willing to answer any questions and some did have good questions. Pat Andrews, CSJ, and Helen Power, CSJ, were also a part of the discussion. Chris left by saying he was grateful for the opportunity to speak with the sisters and would like them to write or call him on any issues they had in the future.


Savoring The Gifts Each Moment Brings by Elise Cheverie CSJA

Lights reflected on a Christmas tree, scented narcissi bringing a touch of spring amidst the evergreens, the sound of carolers blending in harmony, the crackle of logs illuminating the peacefulness of a fireplace, the glowing atmosphere of lit candles or ribbon adorning a gift for someone we love – Christmas is savoring the gifts each moment brings.

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On December 5th, the “wonder” and ”magic” of the season came alive as Sisters and Associates journeying together, celebrated the warmth of connectedness with the residents and staff at Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center. The spirit of God’s promise of Hope, Love, and Peace were rekindled. Each cherished the essence of our Faith in Christ; anchoring one’s spirit in the midst of creating new memories and keepsakes to treasure. Circles of love were expanded in celebrating the dignity and sacredness of each person.

We carried with us the love and prayerful wishes of the entire family of Joseph through our ever widening circles of giving and presence. The spirit of song came alive in each of our hearts through shared carol singing evoking an uplifting renewal of Faith in each of our hearts. Seasonal gifts were given to each of the residents, and an array of desserts presented nurtured everyone’s sensory indulgences. As we continue to cradle Christmas in our hearts, let us be inspired by the lyrics of Josiah Holland rekindling within ourselves, a childlike wonder in discovering the true spirit of the season.

There’s a song in the air! There’s a star in the sky! There’s a mother’s deep prayer and a baby’s low cry! And the star rains the fire while the beautiful sing, For the manger of Bethlehem cradles a King! “There's a Song in the Air” Text: Josiah G. Holland, 1819-1881

Our 2015 Advent/Christmas Gathering

Introduction by Maureen Doherty, CSJ

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! It is so good for us to be together…we NEED to be together… we need to celebrate.

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Our liturgy today invites us to Rejoice! As a people of Advent hope…. we must hold on to the promise that ustice will flower in our day and that peace is a possibility. We must believe, no matter what politicians might say to the contrary… that we are all united; that our lives, our thoughts and our words can radiate God’s inclusive love; that we, like Mary, can birth the Christ in the midst of the darkness that permeates our world. So we wear Christmas colors and ring bells…and sing carols and hymns…and proclaim the joyful message that our God dwells among us.

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