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Volume 1.1.2 - December 16, 2015

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Deepening Relationships; Enflaming our Charism by Pat Quinn, CSJ

Janet Mock,  CSJ,  was  the facilitator when those 62 and under in the Atlantic Region of the CSSJ U.S. Federation met in Hampton Bay, NY, from November  18-22.

This gathering marks the third year this group has been meeting and all five of us from Boston were able to attend. Janet gave a little input on Walter Brueggman’s book Reality, Grief, Hope:  Three  Urgent  Prophetic  Tasks. We then had plenty of time for reflection and discussion. The weather was beautiful so we could take full advantage of the gorgeous grounds and get out and walk as we reflected on Janet’s talk.

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Fifty-five sisters were able to participate this year so it was great to reconnect with those that we did know and meet some new faces as well. Each congregation was responsible for a morning prayer which  usually led the way for our discussion during the day.

The time together was enriching as we deepened our relationships with one another, enflamed our charism, and were able to soak in the wisdom  of Janet Mock. We may have arrived at the weekend  tired, overworked  and grumpy, but we all left rested, reenergized and deeply grateful for having the time together.


Witnesses of Hope and Accompaniment in El Salvador:

From November 28-December 5, thirteen Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates were part of a delegation of 117 women religious and supporters who traveled to El Salvador for the 35th anniversary of martyrdom of four U.S. missionaries who were assassinated by the Salvadoran military for their advocacy on behalf of gees and the poor. Pictured here are the thirteen CSSJ sisters and associates who came from across the country.

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Row 1: Mary Black, CSJ Boston, Margie Craig, CSJ Carondelet-St. Louis, Carlotta Gilarde, CSJ Boston, Joanne Gallagher, CSJ Boston, Judy Swett, CSJA Boston, Veronica Roche, SSJ Philadelphia,

Row 2: Janet Lander, CSJ Concordia, Sarah Crotty, CSJ Baden, Maryann Enright, CSJ Boston, Maryellen O’Connell, CSJ Boston, Elaine Hollis, SSJ Rochester, Anna Marie Broxterman, CSJ Concordia, Kathy Tighe, CSJA Boston.

An article about this delegation is posted  in the “Read About” section of our website at  and will be on the CSSJ U.S. Federation website before Christmas. We are also planning to send articles to local papers and will alert you when those are published.  


Quality of Presence as We Live Out Our Charism by Kathy Tighe, CSJA

On the beautiful afternoon of November  21st, over forty associates and sisters enjoyed a lovely luncheon at St. Joseph  Hall, Framingham.   Following  this, a panel of associates and sisters shared  Quality of Presence as We Live Out Our Charism. Kathie Shute, CSJA, Denise Edinger, CSJA, Mary Mahoney, CSJA, and Carlotta Gilarde, CSJ,  made  real and “put skin” on the meaning of being present to others.

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Kathie shared the importance  of the Carmelite sisters being present to her mother at Marion Manor. Their joy, spirituality, and presence offered comfort to her mother and to the entire family. This experience allowed Kathie to be more present to her elderly neighbor and more understanding with her students.

Mary, a resident at Bethany, expressed  how she realizes her many blessings and reaches out to the new lay people coming into Bethany. She spends time with each one to help them adjust to their new home. Mary is a listening presence, who loves sharing prayer.

Carlotta shared her many blessings learned while living in Peru for 27 years. One of these blessings was to be open to receive as well as to give, which respects the dignity of each person. Another blessing was fostering relationships, which  keeps us alive and growing to see God in all our brothers and sisters.

Denise shared her experience of reconnecting with her mother-in-law  after many years, just prior to her death. Time and grace allowed Denise to see God’s mystery working in her life. The peace she received allows her to give to her students  a peaceful  and listening presence.

The afternoon  was  filled with deep  and wonderful  sharing in our small groups  and a richness to be taken home  with each  of us. It was a wonderful, graced afternoon for all.  

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