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Volume 1.1.10 - April 13, 2016

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CSSJ Charism: More Than Words

Our twelfth CSJ Heritage Convocation of the Office of Sponsored Ministries took place at the Regis College Fine Arts Center on April 6, 2016. The social hour offered time for sisters, trustees, sponsored and congregation ministry CEOs, and Mission Effectiveness Facilitators, to learn more about one another. Rosemary Brennan, CSJ, President, welcomed all and led us in a blessing. Ellen Kearns, Chair of the Corporation Board, introduced the board members of the Corporation for Sponsored Ministries.

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osm con KathMcL kMoran SJP manAfter a delicious dinner and more conversation, Suzanne Kearney, Executive Director of the Corporation, introduced the keynote speaker, Kathy McCluskey, CSJ, whose presentation titled: CSSJ Charism: More than Words, was both informative and entertaining. Using the image of the dance Kathy asked, “We know the words to the ‘song’,” then asked, “Can we dance to it?”

“Our mission of unioning love,” she said, “involves our heads, hearts, voices, and feet.” Kathy described three essential movements of the dance of living the charism: inner rhythm, the need for dancing partners, and dancing in ever-widening circles. In conclusion, Kathy said, “Ours is the Congregation of God’s Great Love. The invitation is to join in the dance always remembering our mission of unity and the need for head, heart, voice, and feet – any one of these alone will not do it!”

osm con suzanneK w AMGhiloni2

At the conclusion of the evening, Ann Marie Ghiloni, CSJ, Mission Effectiveness Coordinator, presented gifts to the Mission Effectiveness Facilitators. Rosemary Brennan, CSJ, led the missioning of all administrators, board members, and Mission Effectiveness Facilitators.

PRAYER FOR AN END TO Human Trafficking

This year, members of the LCWR Boston Unit Anti- Trafficking Coalition [ATC] are collaborating with St. Anthony’s Shrine. On Sunday, April 10, 2016, they gathered outside the shrine on Arch Street for a silent vigil before the 10:00 am and 11:00 am liturgies. During the prayer vigil, the group distributed cards with a prayer for an end to human trafficking. The back of the card contained information about human trafficking and contact information for a human trafficking hotline.

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Since 2008, the ATC has been a presence in the Boston area. The group has offered several symposia to raise awareness and to offer information, advocate for victims, and raise awareness about human trafficking. Each event has drawn over 200 attendees. A yearly prayer vigil is held each January for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In the past two years, several hands-on opportunities to support survivors and victims of human trafficking have included the S.O.A.P campaign and the GIFT box initiative.

The group plans to gather again on May 8, 2016, outside St. Anthony’s Shrine for a second silent vigil.

All-loving and merciful God, You call us to love one another. Forgive us when we allow our hearts to harden. Show us the ways we can work together to stop the evil of human trafficking. Open our hearts to receive your call to choose and reverence all life. Give us the courage to act in the name of Jesus, to remove the anguish and suffering from the women and children who are victims. We ask this through Jesus, our companion and friend. Amen - Boston Unit LCWR Anti-Trafficking Coalition

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