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Volume 37.3.4, October 7, 2015

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Delving into Laudato Si’ at Fontbonne Convent

an Interview with Marian Patricia, CSJ

When Marian Patricia, CSJ, heard about the encyclical, Laudato Si’, she was curious – curious about what Pope Francis’ was going to say. “There’s a lot in it,” she says. “It makes you conscious of the world and what we’re doing to it.” For Marian, the challenge then became, “What do we do with our own lives as we consider Earth, our common home?”

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Father Eric Capono, OFM, comes to Fontbonne Convent for Wednesday liturgy. He is a friend of Irene Comeau, SSJ, who lives at Fontbonne Convent. During his homilies, Father started talking about Laudato Si’. “He was able to talk about it in a succinct manner,” said Marian. This became a catalyst for forming a group of sisters who now gather after liturgy every other Wednesday morning to delve into the encyclical.

Marian believes that retirement provides the opportunity to get into some things that are a challenge. “The way Father Capono talked about Laudato Si’ made the sisters interested in doing more,” she says. There are 14 in the this study group, “ It broadens us. It stretches us to think about the world beyond Milton.” remarked Marian. Climate change is a world concern. Pope Francis is making us all aware of what pollution and the other issues addressed in the encyclical are doing to the WHOLE world.

Gathered at the Table of Life – la Mesa de Vida

by Michèle Audet, CSJA

On September 19, 2015, CSJAs from Albuquerque, Santa Rosa and Clovis, New Mexico gathered at the table of life (La mesa de vida) at St. Rose of Lima in Santa Rosa, NM, for the “Renewal of Commitment of Associates.” We were warmly welcomed by Ann Kaufman, CSJ, and Fr. Sotero Sena. Maureen Doherty, CSJ, offered a reflection on “living this radical love of the Gospel.” Mary Ellen O’Connell, CSJ, introduced the ritual of re-commitment where we, the Associates, expressed our wholehearted desire to be united with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston to continue to embrace the charism of Unity and Reconciliation. With regret, new Associates Lillie and Charles Mitchell were not able to be present due to health reasons.

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After the ceremony, we were welcomed at the Parish House to share in the table of life where we joined in a wonderful meal prepared and served by the associates. It was a perfect day, full of joy, sharing stories, and the spirit of Communal Love!

Laudato Si’: How will we respond?

The Earth Committee book club will be gathering to take time to ponder and reflect on message of Laudato Si’ for us – how we can individually, and communally live into the challenges of caring for our common home. Pope Francis has put out the challenge. How will we respond? We invite you, Sisters and Associates, to join us in reflective discussion of his letter.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 11:00am Motherhouse — third floor conference room. Copies of the encyclical are on sale in the Dear Neighbor Bookstore, Brighton. There are questions on each chapter in the back of the book to aid your reflection. We discuss chapters one and two at this meeting. If you can join us, please contact Helen Power, CSJ, for space purposes.

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