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Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston Honor Eileen Connors and Family

at Living the Dream Dinner 2016

Eileen Connors and family sm3

ltd16 gail eileen rb pose w awardBrighton, MA: April 27, 2016, was a special evening as the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston honored Eileen Connors and her family with the Dear Neighbor Award at their annual Living the Dream Dinner.  Sister Rosemary Brennan, CSJ, President, presented the award saying, “We present this award in recognition that Eileen, throughout her life, has truly lived the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph by her continued outreach and care for the dear neighbor and the manner in which she does ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Eileen has done this through her social work and counseling in the more needy areas of Boston, by being a foster care and adoption advisor, by generously serving on numerous non-profit boards and by raising four wonderful children with her husband Jack.”

ltd16 enis mark pAndrews sm2Guest speaker, Mark Waters of ReMARKable Cleanouts®, was enthusiastic and entertaining. Mark spoke from the heart as he told his story of his connection to many Sisters of St. Joseph saying, “This is a story of a young man who was lost but found himself because the Sisters of St. Joseph never gave up on him. The Sisters of St. Joseph have been giving so much to so many for all these years. Let none of us ever forget them. Thank you, Sisters, for never giving up on me. I am living the dream and also touching people’s lives as the sisters touched mine.”

ltd16 cardinal w cMcKean lisa hughes smThe dinner took place at the Seaport Hotel where Lisa Hughes of WBZ-TV, emcee for the evening, remarked on the sisters’ incredible 143 years of history, of lives touched, schools opened, and changes seen. “It’s a night to reflect on these sisters who are committed to community, connection, and family, these sisters who rally around people in need without judgement.”

Cardinal Seán O’Malley was also present and expressed gratitude for the scores of Catholic schools the sisters have staffed and the thousands upon thousands of children whose lives have been touched. “We’re here to thank them,” Cardinal O’Malley said.

Another special moment was the premier of Serving the Dear Neighbor, a short video featuring the experience and ministries of five “retired” Sisters of St. Joseph. This video demonstrates just a few of the ways in which sisters continue to recreate themselves in order to be of service where there is a need or where they can build relationships and forward the mission of Jesus in today’s world.

ltd16 jConnors w gail smAt the conclusion of the evening, Sister Gail Donahue, a member of the CSJ Leadership team, began to thank the 350 dinner attendees for their ongoing support when Jack Connors made a surprise appearance on stage. Jack challenged those present to expand this generosity and within minutes the $705,000 that had been raised increased to $750,000. It is clear that both Eileen and Jack Connors embody the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph. They, along with the other dedicated dinner committee members, are committed to doing all that is possible to support both the elderly and infirm sisters as well as those who remain in active ministry. The generosity and support of all present allows the sisters to continue to serve wherever they are able.

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The Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, a Congregation of vowed religious women and associates who minister in the Greater Boston area and beyond. They trace their roots from LePuy, France (1651), Lyon, France (1807), St. Louis, MO (1836) and arrived in Boston, MA in 1873. They identify with the cries of a world, stunned by violence and seek to reopen communications in divided communities, to search for shared values, and to empower individuals to explore common ground for the healing of humankind. They are part of The U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph composed of more than 4,500 members, 2,800 associates, and enjoy NGO status in the United Nations.

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