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The Sisters of St. Joseph Enabled me to "Live My Dream"

by Kristen Donoghue McCosh, Mount St. Joseph Academy, 1986

More than 400 friends, former students, and supporters attended the second annual Living the Dream dinner held on April 30, 2015, at the Seaport Hotel. The full press release is also available on our website at: Sisters of St. Joseph Honor the Hynes Family of Boston

ltd EPumphret w KMcCosh sm2The guest speaker for the evening was Kristen Donoghue McCosh an active and vocal member of the disability community for over 30 years, beginning in 1983 when, as a freshman at Mount St. Joseph Academy, she sustained a spinal cord injury in a diving accident. Kristen explained that, “Nearly a decade before the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, the Sisters of St. Joseph made my return to school possible.” She continued, “They did not need a federal law to tell them what to do, because the followed a divine law.”  

Kristen Donoghue McCosh is pictured here with Sister Ellen Pumphret, CSJ, the principal of MSJA who made Kristen's access to school possible.

The full text of Kristen's  keynote address is available here: 

Kristen McCosh: The Sisters of St. Joseph Enabled me to "Live My Dream"

Kristen concluded her reflections saying, "I always credit the Sisters of Saint Joseph for giving me a solid foundation built on strength of character, respect for life, and a commitment to justice.

I aspire every day to live up to the example that the Sisters set for me, and in turn, I strive to BE an example for others, a living example of the intrinsic worth of love, inclusion, and acceptance."

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