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Thurs., 7:00pm Taizé Prayer Motherhouse — All Welcome 

Celebrate Taizé Prayer with the Sisters of St. Joseph

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All are invited to Prayer in the spirit of Taizé at 7:00 p.m. offered at the Motherhouse Chapel of the Sisters of St. Joseph, 637 Cambridge St. Brighton, MA. Taizé prayer is a simple form of Christian prayer centered on scripture, silence, and song based on the daily prayer of the religious community in Taizé, France. As women of the Church rooted in the Gospel whose mission is to deepen relationships with God and neighbor, the Sisters of St. Joseph invite you to join in praying for unity and love in our world and in our own hearts. All are welcome. Bring a friend. Call 617.746.2029 for further information. 

Dates for 2017-2018

October 19
December 14
February 15
April 19
June 15

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