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When the first Sisters of Saint Joseph arrived in Boston, they found a city filled with new immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe who had joined the Irish immigrants, the major immigrant population of the city, from the 1840s to the late 1870s. Boston in the late 18th century was not unlike the 17th century France of their roots. Unemployment, poverty, illness marked the daily life of working classes. The same climate of social injustices that characterized LePuy existed in Boston.

The pioneer Sisters who came from Brooklyn were Regis Casserly, Claire Corcoran, Mary Delores Brown and Mary Felix Cannon. Under the leadership of Sister Regis Casserly, they arrived at St. Thomas Parish in Jamaica Plain. There they settled in the five-room house Father Thomas Magennis provided for them.

Four days after their arrival the sisters opened an elementary school for girls in the basement of the church. 200 students applied the first day. 

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Picture of first convent, Jamaica Plane, MA, 1873

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