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I am a Sister of St. Joseph [CSJ]. We are a Roman Catholic religious community of women. We are ordinary women from all walks of life. Our special focus, our mission, is to work for unity and reconciliation where there is brokenness, to help people become whole and holy, individually and together.

I work as Director of Communication for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. There are over 12,000 Sisters of St. Joseph and about 5,000 Associates all over the world. My Boston congregation is one of 16 congregations of Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States. The picture at the top of my blog is a view of Le Puy, France, where our community was founded over 350 years ago. It was taken on Easter Sunday, 2005, during a visit to the CSSJ International Centre in Le Puy. You can learn more about the Sisters of St. Joseph at the related websites listed on the sidebar of the home page

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