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March 2, 2016

Sisters of St. Joseph Maxims in Haiku

Maxims in Haiku

Haiku – Frances Agnes Blake, CSJ

Photography – Ann Marie Grady, CSJ

We are pleased to announce a new series reflecting the Maxims of the Little Institute. As many know, in 2014, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston published Maxims in Haiku, by Frances Agnes Blake, CSJ, and Ann Marie Grady, CSJ. As we enter this new year, a page of this book will be published on our website every other Monday. You are welcome to print these for your personal reflection. If you there is a reason to use the haiku, the images, or both for a wider audience, please contact the Sisters of St. Joseph Communications Office at


The Maxims of the Little Institute is a different document than the Maxims of Perfection which are also written by Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ. It’s believed that Father Médaille wrote the Maxims of Perfection as a personal retreat journal and then published them for a wider audience. The Maxims of the Little Institute were written specifically for the firstSisters of St. Joseph.

Haiku is a verse form of 3 unrhymed lines of 5-7-5 syllables. The use of this form offers an interesting way to present the maxims in a brief, concise mode, moving them from their 17th-century background to the 21st century.

The photography that accompanies the Maxims in Haiku is presented to evoke, to tease out, to hint at the many meanings embedded in the maxims for the 21st century. Nature imagery is used as a visual metaphor to set up a conversation between words and images and viewer.

In this Maxims in Haiku series, the images and verses will be followed by the original Maxims of the Little Institute written by Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ. We hope you enjoy viewing and reflecting on this wonderful expression of the spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph. ©2014 Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, all rights reserved.

For reprint permission of any pdfs or photography in this Maxims in Hiaku series,

contact us at

December 16, 2013

Prayer in the Spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph

I would like to call your attention to a relatively new feature on the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston website. The page is called “Prayer in the CSSJ Spirit.” At the moment there are three prayers available for download:

Sisters of St. Joseph — Beginnings in France

The first and third of these prayers were developed for our  Corporation for Sponsored Ministries Boards of Trustees and are being made available to a wider audience through our website. The second is a prayer developed several years ago during one of the Bearers of the Tradition Institutes at Manna House of Prayer in Concordia, KS.

As we add to this page, you are welcome to download any of these prayers for your use. Every effort has been made to credit sources used in these prayers. We ask that, if you adapt them, you, too, credit the sources and let us know of edits by by contacting the Boston CSJ Communications Office.

Thank you!

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